HEIDENHAIN (THAILAND) LTD, a wholly owned subsidiary of DR. JOHANNES HEIDENHAIN GmbH is based in Thailand since 2004.   HEIDENHAIN – Measurement and Control Technology for Demanding Positioning Tasks   DR. JOHANNES HEIDENHAIN GmbH develops and manufactures  linear  and  angle encoders ,  rotary encoders ,  digital readouts , and  numerical controls  for demanding positioning tasks. HEIDENHAIN products are used primarily in high-precision machine tools as well as in plants for the production and processing of electronic components.   With our extensive experience and know-how in the development and manufacture of measuring devices and numerical controls, we create the groundwork for the automation of tomorrow’s plants and production machines. HEIDENHAIN product, application and customer service support provided are:    Length measurement                Sealed linear encoders                Exposed linear encoders                Length gauges    Angle measurement                Sealed angle encoders                Angle encoder modules                Modular angle encoders                Rotary encoders    Machine tool control                Straight-cut control for milling machines                Contouring controls for milling machines and machining centers                Contouring controls for milling-turning machines and machining centers                Contouring controls for lathes                Programming stations    Tool and workpiece setup and measurement                Workpiece touch probes                Tool touch probes    Measured value acquisition and display                Evaluation electronics for metrology applications                Digital readouts for manually operated machine tools                Interface electronics    For more information         Your technical support for HEIDENHAIN products   The HEIDENHAIN Service department offers professional, individualized support for machine manufacturers and users throughout the entire lifecycle of a machine. Thanks to well-trained HEIDENHAIN agencies, a competent service team is available to help you worldwide.