Machine Tech Co., Ltd.

Since 1993 to provide the best solutions for fulfilling the requirements of metalworking companies throughout the Kingdom of Thailand. We provide Machine Tools & Tooling by delivering the highest quality equipment and offering service that is always on time and being the highest level of competence. We are the exclusive agent for HAAS, USA [CNC Verticals, CNC Horizontals, CNC Lathes, and Rotaries and Indexers] and OMAX, USA [Abrasive Water Jet Cutting Machine].Constantly, seek new and better ways to fulfill the needs of our customers, HAAS Factory Outlet service center with Platinum One-call Service is one of our effort in order to provide complete satisfaction.Main customers industry is Aircraft, Packaging, Machine Builder, General workshop, Part maker, Automobile, Medical, Computer & Electronics, Jewelry, Mould & Die, and Professional Training Center.The professionalism of our team is the key component to providing our customers with an ongoing competitive advantage.