Sodick (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

Sodick name is based on the Japanese words, "Souzou" "Dikkou" and "CurouKokufuku" which means create, implement and overcome difficulties. The company name expresses our strongly held philosophy of creating new ideas, implementing them as new products, sustained hard work and triumphing over the challenge to improve our customers' manufacturing processes. Base on this philosophy, Sodick Thailand also develops new technologies and innovates product groups that enable our customers to manufacture their products and at the same time, constantly offers the entire market place products that make a difference. Our Thai factory is the main manufacturing site of the Sodick Group and has provided Electric Discharge Machines and Technology for advanced machining application. Sodick (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. which has been in operation since 1990, performs all aspects of work to improve product quality from development of new models and improvement of functions on existing models to aftermarket support.