Factory Max co., ltd.

Factory max was established in 1996 with the strong intention to be the factory supply for mold & die industry, automotive industry, and other metalworking industry. Our concept aims to customer total benefit, which includes supplying the high quality products, introducing the suitable technologies and applications, providing the technical training, finding out the higher productivity solutions and so on, simply say as your "Cooperate Partner". Today most of the companies are facing with the "cost down" command at all times. There are many factors to reduce the total cost. Only reduce the direct cost without considering of total cost will never be succeeded, the companies also have to apply new technologies, invest new machines, select more productive tools, change the process, train the operators, and so on. Therefore, to achieve the goal, cooperation from all members is highly needed. As the role of tools supplier, we, Factory Max, will be your partners and help you at all aspects to achieve your goal. All of our well-trained sale engineers and back up team will work with you as one of your company members with a good expertise in the field.