From “ISID” to “DENTSU SOKEN”: A Brand Transformation Towards Innovation and Trusted Solutions

Latest Update April 23, 2024
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From “ISID” rebrands to “DENTSU SOKEN”, driving towards the future with superior innovation and service, committed to being a trusted "solution partner" for Thai customers and society.

Bangkok, March 20, 2024- Mr.Kenichi Karasawa, Managing Director of Dentsu Soken (Thailand) Limited, formerly known as ISID South East Asia, shared insights into the company's decision to rebrand and its strategic direction in the IT solutions market. The company aims to drive towards the future with innovation and services that exceed expectations, positioning itself as a "solutions partner" trusted by customers and Thai society.

The rebranding to Dentsu Soken (Thailand) signifies a strategic shift in approach. The name change reflects the company's commitment to evolve and meet the changing needs of society, businesses, and consumers. Founded in 1975 as a joint venture between Dentsu (now Dentsu Group) and General Electric (GE) of the United States, the company has been a leading IT solutions vendor for over 50 years. Over time, it has not only provided IT technology and system development but also established two consulting companies to support customers in transforming their business processes and solving various problems.

With the change to “DENTSU SOKEN,” the company is merging its two consulting companies and transferring the “Think Tank” function within the Dentsu Group. This move aims to expand the company's functions of "System Integration," "Consulting," and "Think Tank," dealing not only with companies but with "Society" as a whole. The company provides services ranging from problem setting and strategy formulation to technology implementation, contributing to solving advanced problems and supporting the evolution of a better society.

“Following the company name change, DENTSU SOKEN aims to expand its field while strengthening its structure as an IT solutions vendor. By providing consulting and Think Tank functions tailored to the needs of the Thai market, we aim to go beyond being an IT vendor and become one of the companies that contribute to Thai society," said Mr.Karasawa.

Mr.Karasawa further stated that the company is developing branding strategies to increase its visibility in the Thai market. While ISID Thailand did not have a strong branding presence in Thailand, efforts have been intensified since November 2023. Various channels such as social media, online and offline seminars, events, and Facebook have been used to increase awareness of the new brand name.

With a focus on the manufacturing and financial industries, Dentsu Soken Thailand sets itself apart from competitors with its 50 years of experience in design and development. The company offers a comprehensive range of services, from software development to production technology and manufacturing. Additionally, its core package for leasing companies boasts the number one market share among Japanese companies.

In conclusion, Mr.Karasawa emphasized the company's commitment to innovation and excellence in the industry. With its new name, Dentsu Soken Thailand aims to strengthen its position as a trusted solution partner, contributing to the advancement of Thai society and the satisfaction of customers and Thai society.

Dentsu Soken's Strengths Distinguish It from Competitors

Mr.Karasawa views Dentsu Soken's strengths as distinct from its competitors, primarily due to its over 50 years of experience and expertise in both design and manufacturing, as well as manufacturing technology. This extensive experience, combined with a deep understanding of customer needs, enables the company to develop and integrate systems efficiently to meet customer demands. Currently, Dentsu Soken Thailand's business areas focus on supporting the manufacturing industry and financial industry. While both have their unique strengths, for the manufacturing industry, besides the Siemens software suite, including CAD/CAM/CAE, which is globally recognized and has extensive experience in consulting, Dentsu Soken has also developed software used by leading Japanese automotive manufacturers. Additionally, the company has started distributing project management and  MBD support tools (iQUAVIS) in the Thai market, which has been adopted by European companies and is also being introduced by European companies.

Our key strength is our 50 years of design and development experience in the Japanese manufacturing industry and 20 years in Thailand. The integration of data from development to production, and our track record of providing digital factory operation and knowledge services to achieve smart factories, makes us one of the few service providers covering both the “Design and Development” and “Production  Technology/Manufacturing” fields, emphasized Mr.Karasawa.

Furthermore, the company is working with Siemens to develop products and services in the factory DX field, which has high demand among customers, especially the integration between Opcenter APS - Advanced Planning and Scheduling, developed by Siemens, and SAP has been well-received by large customers in Thailand. This includes developing dashboards and BI tools such as Motion Board to monitor production status, which significantly saves human resources and time. Additionally, the visualization is tailored to each company's specific needs to support faster decision-making by management, including budget management.

Strategy for Maintaining Market Leadership

Mr.Karasawa said that the company's long-standing customers base consists mainly of Japanese manufacturing companies, including automobile and electronics manufacturers, as well as financial institutions such as banks and leasing companies. Therefore, the strategy the company uses to maintain its customer base is to develop specific strategies for each customer through collaboration with the headquarters, focusing on building win-win-win relationships, offering solutions that meet customer needs, and developing new products and services in collaboration with leading partners. Additionally, they emphasize investment in the company's human resources to develop the skills and capabilities of employees to meet customer needs which is one of the key focuses of “Dentsu Soken.”

Developing the skills and capabilities of employees to meet customer needs is one of the key focuses of "Dentsu Soken."

Moreover, the company is collaborating with Siemens, a partner of the company, in developing products and services in the field of factory DX, which has a high demand from customers, especially Opcenter APS - Advanced Planning and Scheduling, a production scheduler developed by “Siemens with SAP,” which has been introduced to large customers in Thailand, also, developing dashboards using BI tools such as Motion Board for monitoring production status, which significantly saves human resources and time. The company contributes to accelerating management decision-making through tailored visualization and budget management to each company's specific needs.

To achieve these goals, the company has started using the LCP (Low Code Platform) Mendix, which has a proven track record in the Thai market, especially in the manufacturing industry. Mendix is a platform that enables DX - Digital Transformation in the manufacturing industry and achieves efficiency by reducing application development steps, both internally and externally, to less than 1 in 10.

Moreover, the company is expanding its business as the largest distributor in the Thai market, offering paperless solutions (i-Reporter) developed by CIMTOPS of Japan. It also plans to invest significantly in human resources and explore business cooperation opportunities with partners in the PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) and MES (Manufacturing Execution System) fields, which are gaining momentum in the Thai manufacturing industry.

Preserving Flexibility and Innovation for Sustained Excellence in the Company

Mr. Kenichi stated that new technologies are continuously being created in the IT market. The advancement of AI has greatly expanded the scope of application. Therefore, to adapt and innovate in this IT market, companies must continually develop the skills and abilities of their employees to keep up with new technologies and continuously strive to create and develop innovations that meet customer needs.

“As we have a limited number of employees, we prioritize enhancing the skills and abilities of each individual. To achieve this, we make significant investments in our human resources. Given the rapid evolution of technology, it is crucial for our employees to continuously update their thinking and behaviors. Additionally, to effectively respond to the dynamic needs of our customers and consistently provide them with the best solutions, we have embraced the Dentsu Soken Group's overarching behavioral policy, "AHEAD," and adopted the motto "Challenge for Change" in Thailand” said Mr.Karasawa.

Siemens’ Partner Award in the Asia-Pacific market for two consecutive years.

Furthermore, the company has been awarded the Partner Award in the Asia-Pacific market for two consecutive years from Siemens, its largest partner. It has also seen an increase in the proportion of customers in Thailand, both small and large.

“Dentsu Soken is committed to offering superior solutions and services, aiming to become a 'partner solution' trusted by customers and Thai society, supporting the sustainable growth of Thai business and society,” concluded Mr. Kenichi.

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