Toyota Transfers Its Electronic Part Manufacturing to Denso

Latest Update June 4, 2018
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Toyota disclosed its consideration process of transferring the company’s major electronic part business to join with Denso, and its internal business restructuring process of transferring Africa marketing administration to be under Toyota Tsusho which is scheduled in 2019. The restructuring was aimed to reduce complication and business overlapping of the company as well as to provide support to the internal collaboration, connecting with efficient resource management through the enhancement of growing business.   
Toyota has scheduled to transfer the PCU manufacturing responsibility at Hirose plant, which is an important part of EV and Hybrid cars, to Denso in 2019. At present, the plant’s PCU production capacity is at 800,000 units per year and around 900 PCU manufacturing staff will be transferred to Denso. 
As for Denso, its current PCU manufacturing is located at Denso Anjo Plant, Aichi prefecture where Toyota determined to centralize the PCU manufacturing and development after 2022.   
As for South Africa, to utilize the strength of Toyota Tsusho, Toyota has scheduled to transfer all marketing administrations of the region, excluding 5 countries, to Toyota Tsusho which has businesses allocated in 54 countries of Africa to serve rising regional demands.  
Akio Toyoda, Chairman provided his opinion towards the movement that “it is an efficient resource management to enhance the competitiveness of Toyota Group at every segment.”