NTK Develops All Solid State Battery

Latest Update June 26, 2018
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NTK has invented the all solid state battery using oxide materials developed within the company. A number of manufacturers have been interested in this type of battery as it plays an important role in reducing the charging time of electric vehicles. NTK has expressed its strong determination by defeating other manufacturers with the most prominent and unique feature of its newly invented “all solid state battery made of oxide electrolytes without sintering.”

NTK uses oxide electrolytes in the manufacturing of all solid state batteries. Although the production process creates hydrogen sulfide which is more harmful compared to using water, no poisonous gas is generated and the process is of high safety. In addition, forging is employed instead of sintering in the production process, resulting in the batteries that are both durable and unbendable. It also allows the manufacturer to manufacture large batteries more easily.

In terms of battery efficiency, this all solid state battery has an ionic conductivity of 1.4 mS/cm at 25° C, which is at the top level of oxide in the industry. Currently, the test products have already been distributed for demonstration with electric vehicles and other equipment. It is expected that the improvement in quality of materials and manufacturing technology will be completed and the products will be ready for market distribution in 2020.