MILL-SFEED TaeguTec Thailand - Shoulder Mill - High Feed Mill - Strong V-Shaped Insert

MILL-SFEED : Mini Sized 90º Shoulder Mill and High Feed Mill with Strong V-Shaped Insert

Latest Update June 29, 2021
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TaeguTec has released a new line of cutters and inserts for miniature machining in the Ø6-Ø14 mm diameter range — the CVKT 05 line. 
The new MILL-SFEED family is ideal for small parts and the miniature industry. It is also designed to replace the machining range of solid carbide end mills from Ø8 (2z). This family of cutters and inserts improves productivity and reduces costs due to the advantages of exchangeable inserts compared to solid carbide end mills.
Designed for various applications, it is equipped with the pressed type CVKT 05 insert for general applications, side ground type CVHT 05-L insert for finishing with low cutting force and the high feed CVKT 05-HF insert for high feed conditions.
For further technical questions, please contact TaeguTec Thailand. 
Tel: +662 759 9300


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