Isuzu's EV Truck US$1.35 Billion Investment, Set to Launch in 2024

Isuzu's EV Truck US$1.35 Billion Investment, Set to Launch in 2024

Latest Update September 19, 2023
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Isuzu Motors is getting ready to make a big leap into electric trucks with a huge investment of US$1.35 billion next year and start producing electric trucks in 2024.

Japan, Aug 25, 2023 - Isuzu Motors is getting ready for a big leap into electric trucks. They're investing a whopping 200 billion yen next year, with plans to start making EV trucks in a big way from 2024. They're setting up a special place in Japan to test and evaluate these trucks, and they're even putting in charging stations at their sales spots. They're also beefing up their factory in Fujisawa.

Isuzu, the top truck seller in Japan, is really getting serious about switching to electric trucks. This means we'll likely see more electric commercial vehicles on the roads pretty soon.

They're going to build a brand-new spot in Japan to test and evaluate these trucks. It'll probably be right at their main factory in Fujisawa. They're going all out, with equipment to test the batteries and even a special machine to measure how well the trucks drive. They want to make sure these trucks are tough and handle well.

Back in 2011, Isuzu introduced a light-duty electric truck called the Elf EV. They've been working on it, and while it's not made in huge numbers yet, they're making it better. Isuzu thinks that by around 2027, electric trucks will be really popular in Japan. So, they're getting ready now by setting up places to test them out. Trucks have different details depending on how they're used and where, so they need to run lots of tests.

The big boss at Isuzu, President Shinsaku Minami, says, "We have to put a lot of money into going electric. We'll focus on what we can do best and work with others to save money and resources." Isuzu is starting a new plan for the next few years. The government is also planning to invest a whole lot of money, about 1 trillion yen, in new tech, including electric stuff, by 2030. They're looking to put 150 to 200 billion yen into it each year starting in 2024.

In the world of commercial trucks, Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus got ahead of the game back in 2017 with their compact EV truck called the "eCanter." And Hino Motors also has their "Dutro Z EV" on the market.

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Source: Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun