“NEOGUN” Indexable Gundrills that Minimize Machine Downtime

“NEOGUN” Indexable Gundrills that Minimize Machine Downtime

Latest Update October 4, 2023
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NEOGUN is a family of indexable Gundrills with No Setup Time for minimizing machine downtime and ensuring high productivity and excellent surface finish.


  • An assembled steel drill body carrying a replaceable insert made of cemented carbide.

  • A uniquely designed insert combined with a cutting edge, supporting pad and guide pad, provides precision for high drill performance and reliability.

  • Suitable for rotating and nonrotating applications on all types of machine tools.


Iscar (Thailand) Ltd. policy is concentration in sales and service product for support metalworking full line for all industry such as automotive, die and mold, Electronics, aerospace and any mass production. Company's policy have a good wishes our client success in quality goods production, short lead time in process and save cost effective also. Their product that produce from our affiliate were certified product by ISO 9001 and QS-9000, that we guarantee quality all of product perfectly. We provide service and technical team for solve problem in manufacturing process in order that short process and highest effective and also turnkey cost reduction consultant.

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