7 New Grades to Optimize Turning of YG-1

7 New Grades to Optimize Turning of YG-1

Latest Update September 22, 2020
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YG-1’s seven new turning grades cover materials like Steel Alloys, Stainless Steel and Cast Iron with high performance to boost your productivity. YG-1, your best value in cutting tools.

Steel Grade

YG-1 brings you the highest level of versatility with its premium YG3020 grade. If versatility is required in your carbon/alloy steels, YG3020 is your go-to of choice. YG3010 offers a high level of productivity balancing predictability and tool life. If you are seeking high productivity, especially in a production setting, look no further than YG3010.

In the most stable continuous cuts and where speed can be increased, YG1001 offers unmatched performance. When the going gets tough, YG3030 gets going. If you need maximum toughness for interrupted cuts, instability of component or heavy scale, YG3030 will exceed your needs.

Stainless Steel Grade

The newest members of the YG-1 turning grade family are the PVD grades YG211, YG213 and YG214. These grades team up with YG3030 to offer unprecedented productivity in Stainless Steel. For the longest tool life in stable conditions, YG211 is your answer. When speed is what you are looking for, the CVD coated YG3030 answers the call.

The versatility of YG213 will have you covered in a wide range of materials, striking the balance between productivity, predictability and tool life. In the most extreme conditions, look no further than YG214. This extremely tough grade will handle your most severe interruptions and is the perfect solution in applications requiring slow speed, for example, larger components or on an older and less stable machine.

Cast Iron Grade

The two grades strike of YG1001 and YG3010 covers your needs in Cast Iron. For Grey Cast Iron applications, where wear resistance and high speed are the two keys to success, YG1001 offers both. 

For Ductile Cast Iron, where the nature of the material requires a balance between wear resistance and toughness, YG3010 answers.

YG-1 founded in 1981, YG-1 has grown to be a strong and firm company recognized globally in the cutting tool industry that exports to more than 75 countries and hold 27 worldwide sales offices. With outstanding human resources and distinguished technology, YG-1 is always looking towards the future.

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