JFY Laser Cutting Machine Model BFC

่JFY Laser Cutting Machine presents BFC+ equipped with TRUMPF TruFiber Laser

Latest Update March 21, 2023
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JFY presents the BFC+ laser cutting machine to set a new standard for productivity and cost-effectiveness, equipped with a TruFiber Laser of TRUMPF the machine is extremely flexible and reliable - the best combination of price and quality.

JFY Laser technology is a cost-effective, trouble-free cutting machine for your application. Customers all over the world trust JFY as one of the leading suppliers of laser cutting machines. Laser technology from JFY ensures that you have selected the most flexible and high-performance machine to suit your needs by taking care of you every step of the way from application development to component technology selection and the software that best suits you.

New Generation of TruFiber, TruFiber is the best fiber laser for your cutting needs. In fact, TruFiber machines also provide process stability and process results. Consistent performance and low maintenance cost Cutting Head Set Precitec cutting head from Germany with outstanding performance. High cutting speed and light weight, as well as accurate processing of thick materials and most importantly, easy and fast maintenance.

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CNC Control (CNC Control Unit) FSCUT4000 is a laser cutting control system used. The most widely used and proven system designed for high speed and precision applications. Advanced functions such as automatic edge and corner detection, stopping point recording and boosting Guaranteed cutting quality and performance Overall, the FSCUT4000 offers the versatility and performance for laser cutting in order to improve production efficiency and reduce material wastage which is important.

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