CHASE 8 MILL 90° Shoulder Mill with Economical 8 Cutting Edge Square Insert

Latest Update September 21, 2022
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TaeguTec’s CHASE-8-MILL line is capable of true 90° machining despite being a double-sided insert; the high axial geometry reduces cutting loads and vibration during machining yet achieves high productivity. 

CHASE 8 MILL also comes with further advantages including the optimized design that enables minimal mismatch during 90° step machining and improved surface roughness of the workpiece due to the inclusion of a flat bottom wiper on the insert.

With a wide variety of inserts and cutter sizes available for end mills, modular types and face mills, the line enables excellent performance in applications where small and medium workpieces are involved.

For further technical questions, please contact TaeguTec Thailand Ltd. 


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