Okamoto เปิดโซลูชัน ‘กระบวนการขัดครบวงจร’ โชว์ในงาน METALEX 2022

OKAOMOTO showcases “one-stop abrasive process solutions” at METALEX 2022

Latest Update November 17, 2022
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OKAMOTO at Hall no. 101, booth no. BE19 at METALEX 2022, a total abrasive process machine manufacturer, promoting the manufacturing of high-resolution components and addressing the manufacturing trends of the electrification era.

Okamoto เปิดโซลูชัน ‘กระบวนการขัดครบวงจร’ โชว์ในงาน METALEX 2022 

In an interview with M Report, Mr. Naonori Nishimura, General Manager of Okamoto (Thai) Co., Ltd., discussed the exhibits of machinery and technology and the market trends.

Okamoto's Total Solution for Abrasive Process Market Update at METALEX 2022

At this event, Okamoto introduces mold and part manufacturers in Thailand to solutions for the manufacturing of high-resolution parts that meet the future of production, which requires speed,
accuracy, and reduced production times.

According to Mr. Naonori Nishimura, the automotive sector has been slowed down in 2022 as a result of chip and critical part shortages, a weak global economy, the ongoing threat of war, and
political unrest on a worldwide scale.

However, the advent of the electric car era, which is a significant trend right now, will result in a significant increase in demand for “grinding process technology” to support the production of more electric motor parts. It is important to keep an eye on what kind of parts Thailand’s EV part manufacture will concentrate on.

This year, Okamoto has solid potential in the large grinder market for the air conditioner sector. Since the machines in this group have a high price per machine, the revenue levels are rising
despite the overall decline in sales.

Okamoto เปิดโซลูชัน ‘กระบวนการขัดครบวงจร’ โชว์ในงาน METALEX 2022

Perfect Okamoto’s Soluctions, Booth BE19

1. MAX250UN-OD 

Cylindrical Grinding Machine with a robot for loading the workpiece. Can automatic setting function of grinding parameters and dress data by graphical screen to reduce the data input time. 

Okamoto เปิดโซลูชัน ‘กระบวนการขัดครบวงจร’ โชว์ในงาน METALEX 2022

2. ACC63-SA1 

Precision surface grinding machine equipped with a newly developed user friendly controller for more capability and reliability, makes it easy to operate the machine. Users can set the automatic operation like an NC machine by simply entering the workpiece data.

Okamoto เปิดโซลูชัน ‘กระบวนการขัดครบวงจร’ โชว์ในงาน METALEX 2022

3. ACC64CA-IQ 

high-technology surface grinders feature super-rigid column feed design and construction to precisely grind large size components. They utilize Okamoto's exclusive iQ touch-control data input to deliver a new degree in simplicity, accuracy and performance.

Okamoto เปิดโซลูชัน ‘กระบวนการขัดครบวงจร’ โชว์ในงาน METALEX 2022

4. YT-300 

YT-300 Series AEROLAP POLISHER dramatically shortens cycle-time for final polishing. Its unique lapping medium is a perfect balance of moisture and abrasive particulates - including diamond particles. Using a hurling device combined with air pressure, Areolap’s exclusive multi-cone lapping projects the abrasive lapping media in multiple high-speed passes to polish even the most irregular shapes to a mirror-sheen finish.

Okamoto เปิดโซลูชัน ‘กระบวนการขัดครบวงจร’ โชว์ในงาน METALEX 2022

For those who are interested, you can visit Okamoto's booth at Hall 101 Booth BE19 in METALEX 2022, which takes place from November 16-19, 2022 at BITEC, Bangkok.


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