The Revolutionary LOGIQ F GRIP Parting System Introduces New D160 Adapters and Blocks, and D82 Multi Coolant MC Blocks

Latest Update September 12, 2023
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Introducing D160 adapters and blocks for parting 160mm bar diameters. In addition ISCAR offers multi coolant blocks for D82 adapters which now feature coolant connection options.

TANGFGRIP for TANG-GRIP (TAG) inserts and DO-GRIP (DGN) inserts

A new family of unique tool blocks which include economical 2 and 4 pocket adpaters for Tang Grip and Do Grip 2-5mm inserts.
The system designed for parting applications in ranges of up to 160mm, provides significant raw materials savings.


  • Unique patented captive adapters for quad shaped patented 2 and 4 pocket adapters.
  • Outstanding stability, vibration free parting system for large diameters as well.
  • Improves insert tool life, surface finish and workpiece straightness due to the robust tool design.
  • Reduced cutting widths as a result of excellent tool stability which leads to material savings.
  • A 160mm bar can be cut with a 3mm wide insert.
  • Guarantees high productivity, especially when using TAG N…HF inserts with feeds of up to 0.4mm/rev.
  • User friendly, easy to use parting system.
  • Saves setup time after pocket replacement as the adapter can be easily repositioned.
  • Several types of adapters fit the same tool block.
  • Adapters with or without coolant holes can be clamped on the same block.
  • Tools suitable for JETCUT coolant pressure of up to 140 Bar.
  • A great door opener to receive additional parting applications.
  • Suitable for all machine types including Multi-Tasking machines which operate on the X axis with no need for additional adjustments.


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