MST Shrink-fit Holder Mono Curve - Ideal for 5-axis machining

Latest Update December 1, 2021
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Shrink-fit Holder Mono Curve from MST Corporation
Ideal for 5-axis machining

With its slim nose and re-enforced neck, this holder has high accessibility and rigidity even when the length gets longer.

Allows stable machining even during 5-axis machining, which requires a longer gauge tool holder and cutting tool to avoid interference.
These holders and work clamps were developed with the goal of using them together to improve your 5-axis machining productivity. SMART GRIP will benefit to:

  • You can machine at the corners of a workpiece thanks to excellent accessibility.
  • Off-line preparation and quick-changes!
  • Strong gripping with minimum clamping area!

More information, please contact:
MST Corporation Thai Ltd.
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FAX : 02-136-5797

Source : MST Corporation Thai Ltd.