MST ANGLE HEAD HALF สำหรับกัด Drill และ Tap


Latest Update December 1, 2023
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MST ANGLE HEAD HALF - Optimal design for drilling and tapping! Add one more axis at a minimum cost

Drilling and Tapping account for 80% of angle head operations. We re-designed our angle head for the necessary functions and performance, and that's how our lightweight, compact angle head was born.

Angle Head Half provides the perfect solution

- Shorter delivery: Ready to use after quick set-up. You can prepare your block in house. 
- Llight weight and compact: Minimum body thickness. Automatic tool changing (ATC) possible on small machining centers
- Repair it yourself: Easy disassembly and assembly. Reduces process downtime. Substantially reduces operating costs.

More information, please contact:
MST Corporation Thai Ltd.
โทร :  02-136-5795, 5796 
FAX : 02-136-5797
Email: [email protected]