Title: Unveiling Thailand's Premier Graphite Manufacturing Facility: MST Corporation Thai Takes the Lead

Title: Unveiling Thailand's Premier Graphite Manufacturing Facility: MST Corporation Thai Takes the Lead

Latest Update September 18, 2023
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MST Corporation Thai specializes in manufacturing and processing graphite for parts in various industries, including graphite electrodes for EDM processes, achieving a precision level of up to ±5 microns.

Graphite, often dubbed as the "wonder material" for its unique properties, is undergoing a revolution in Thailand. MST Corporation Thai, a leading player in the field, has opened the doors to an innovative graphite processing plant poised to transform industries across the nation. This state-of-the-art facility is set to redefine precision and quality in the production of graphite parts and electrodes, with a remarkable precision threshold of ±5 microns.

Graphite: Unveiling Its Mystique

Graphite, composed of carbon atoms intricately arranged in hexagonal patterns akin to a honeycomb, possesses a distinctive blend of characteristics. It's grey-black and malleable but not flexible. Remarkably, graphite stands as the supreme conductor of heat and electricity, retaining stability even at scorching temperatures of up to 3,650°C. Its chemical resilience and exceptional fire resistance makes it indispensable in a wide spectrum of applications, ranging from metallurgical refractories to electrical conductivity, and from casting molds to the humble pencil lead.

MST Corporation Thai: Elevating Thai Graphite Manufacturing

MST Corporation Thai, with its unwavering commitment to precision and quality, has emerged as Thailand's premier graphite processing facility. The company's prowess lies in crafting precision graphite parts utilized across diverse industries, from glass bottle cap handles, X-ray radiation shields and electrical connectors, and smartphone components, to CFRP. 

Notably, another product category in which they excel is producing high-resolution Graphite Electrodes essential for Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM), catering to intricate workpieces with grain sizes available down to 20 microns.

A Glimpse Inside the Innovation Hub

During a recent visit, Mr. Satoshi Kawamoto, President of MST Corporation Thai Ltd., unveiled the 720 sq.m. marvel located in the TIP 6 Industrial Estate, Bang Phli District, Samut Prakan Province. Graphite manufacturing cutting-edge machinery and rigorous dust control measures necessitate substantial investments. MST Corporation Thai has risen to the occasion with a fleet of four graphite processing machines, boasting a total of 12 units.

1. Makino E3 Graphite Machining Center: Designed for small workpieces (450 x 350 x 250 mm.) with a spindle speed of 30,000 rpm, it supports diverse milling operations.



2. Makino E33 Graphite Machining Center: Tailored for larger workpieces (600 x 400 x 400 mm.), it mirrors the capabilities of its smaller counterpart with a spindle speed of 30,000 rpm.


3. OKK VP600 Machining Center: A 5-axis behemoth, it's optimized for milling extra-large workpieces (1,100 x 610 x 460 mm.) and offers a spindle speed of 20,000 rpm.


4. FANUC α-D21MiA Machining Center: This machine excels in controlling dust during graphite milling, suitable for general workpieces (600 x 350 x 250 mm.).


Quality Assurance: The MST Commitment

Every MST Corporation Thai product undergoes meticulous quality scrutiny using Tokyo Seimitsu's 3D measuring machine, accompanied by a comprehensive workpiece inspection certificate. For Graphite Electrodes, the company ensures customer convenience by delivering workpieces with compatible holders (Jigs) from Erowa or 3R, reducing setup time for EDM machining.

Joining the MST Journey

For those eager to leverage MST Corporation Thai's services, the process is simple. Share a 3D file (1) Parasorid (.x_t),  (2) IGES (.igs),  (2) STEP (.stp) and specify your desired graphite grade and delivery schedule. If you're unsure about the graphite grade, their expert advice is readily available. Once the purchase is approved, the company commits to rapid production and delivery within an impressive 24-72 hours.

The visit to MST Corporation Thai's factory underscores the company's unwavering commitment to graphite processing excellence. With their high-quality graphite parts and precision molds, MST Corporation Thai promises to elevate production efficiency, reduce costs, and minimize waste across various industries.

Eight years into its journey, MST Corporation Thai is positioned to flourish alongside burgeoning industries such as automotive parts, EV technology, battery manufacturing, air conditioning, 3D printing, food packaging, and medical equipment. The future indeed looks bright for this trailblazing company, as it continues to drive innovation and excellence in the realm of graphite processing.

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