A Great Merit from the Convergence between ZIESS and GOM

Latest Update July 29, 2021
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If talking about industrial metrology and quality assurance, ZEISS has been widely known as the leading company in the world. And if thinking about a strong provider of hardware and software for automated 3D coordinate measuring technology that everyone in the industry knows, it must be GOM. Thanks to the aim to further strengthen the leading technological position together, the convergence between ZEISS and GOM becomes real. 

Both ZEISS and GOM have enjoyed strong growth in the past years and proved successful on the market. With the acquisition of GOM, ZEISS furthers its goal of technological leadership in Industrial Metrology and Quality Assurance. Combining the ZEISS product portfolio with the optical 3D measuring technology from GOM has the potential to create new opportunities and expand market access for Industrial Quality & Research. GOM offers cutting-edge solutions for surface digitization, which will strengthen ZEISS in this area. Dr. Jochen Peter, Member of the ZEISS Executive Board and Head of the Industrial Quality & Research segment, explains: "With this acquisition, we are pursuing our goal of achieving a leading position in the area of surface measurement and digitization. Customers and users in both areas will benefit from the strengths of GOM and ZEISS in the areas of software and hardware."

As GOM has already become part of the ZEISS Industrial Quality & Research segment, the successful cooperation with the global sales partners will be continued. For Thailand market, Thaisakol Group Co., Ltd. has become a part of the global network and will offer the GOM and ZEISS 3D scanning solutions locally to fully meet the needs of the customers with the 4 following systems which are characterized by their precise measuring results and allow for a mobile and flexible use around the shop floor:


GOM Scan 1 

Affordable Compact and Mobile 3D Scanner

  • An optical fringe projection scanner with Blue Light Technology
  • Small, mobile and affordable
  • Available with three measuring volumes: 100mm / 200mm / 400 mm 
  • To learn more about GOM Scan 1 click

เครื่องสแกน 3 มิติ ระบบสแกนสามมิติ ไทยสากลกรุ๊ป

Click here to learn more about GOM Scan 1 




Your Portable Solution for 3D Scanning and Easy Inspection, also On-site application

  • Anything. Anywhere. The portable solution
  • Easy to use, ready to use
  • Multiple laser sources adapting to your needs
  • Integrated photogrammetry for large objects
  • To learn more about ZEISS T-SCAN hawk click

เครื่องสแกน 3 มิติ ระบบสแกนสามมิติ ไทยสากลกรุ๊ป

Click here to learn more about ZEISS T-SCAN hawk 




A Large-volume Scanning and Probing System For Intuitive 3D Data Capturing

  • Measure in any dimension up to 20m3
  • Measure with high accuracy
  • A mobile system with two options combining; a hand-held laser scanner and a touch probe with the optical tracking system
  • To learn more about ZEISS T-SCAN click

เครื่องสแกน 3 มิติ ระบบสแกนสามมิติ ไทยสากลกรุ๊ป

Click here to learn more about ZEISS T-SCAN 




The Reliable High Performer of Industrial 3D Scanning

  • Packed with cutting-edge technology, Triple Scan Principle and Blue Light Equalizer
  • Shaping quality with multiple measuring volume
  • One series, Two version - 12M and 8M resolution
  • Fast result, Exceptional performance
  • To learn more about ATOS-Q click

เครื่องสแกน 3 มิติ ระบบสแกนสามมิติ ไทยสากลกรุ๊ป

Click here to learn more about ATOS Q 



Whether you’re looking for a hand-held 3D scanner for on-site scanning, a small one for high standards, a mobile solution for industrial use or a modular 3D scanning system to adapt to all your projects: You can directly contact Thaisakol Group for helping you find the perfect match to your 3D scanning. 

Thaisakol Group Co., Ltd. Tel: +662-736-0888, Mobile: +6692-602-5560 Email: sales3d@thaisakolgroup.com, and more info please visit www.thaisakolgroup3D.com

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